Driving your Jeep without Doors: Safety, Must-Knows, and Accessories

May 20, 2024

Driving your Jeep without Doors: Safety, Must-Knows, and Accessories

Driving a Jeep without doors is one of our favorite things - it embodies the spirit of adventure and freedom. There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair on a warm day, whether you’re cruising along beaches, traversing rugged terrain, or enjoying a leisurely drive. 

Taking off the doors for the first doorless drive of the season is thrilling - we love knowing that good times are heading our way. Our family has made so many memories with the Jeep doors off, from mudding in Oklahoma to cruising on the gorgeous beaches in Daytona, Florida for Jeep Beach. 

Driving your Jeep without Doors: Safety Tips

As a family, we are always prioritizing safety on the road. Especially while driving your Jeep without doors, there are potential risks that you can take simple steps to mitigate. 

Seatbelts: Always wear your seatbelt when driving without doors. Without the added protection of doors, seatbelts are essential to prioritize safety and can save your life in the event of an accident. 

Roll Bars: Roll bars provide additional protection in case of a rollover. Some Jeeps come with built-in roll bars. After-market roll bars for Jeeps are able to be purchased as well. Consider installing additional reinforcement if you plan on off-roading or driving in challenging terrain.

Mirrors: Without doors, your side mirrors are gone, significantly reducing your visibility. Investing in removable or aftermarket mirrors that can be attached to the frame or windshield makes a huge difference in your safety while driving doorless. This will ensure you can see other vehicles or hazards on the road behind you.  

Driver Awareness: Without doors, you’re able to be more exposed to the world around you - as well as potential hazards. Driver awareness is key while driving your Jeep without doors, allowing you to stay alert and be prepared to navigate changing road conditions quickly. 

Weather Conditions: While sunny days are perfect for doorless driving, rain or cold temperatures can pop up quickly, making the drive uncomfortable and potentially unsafe. Checking the forecast before you go out and dressing accordingly can save you a lot of headache in the long run. 

Driving your Jeep without Doors: Must-Knows

There are several important factors to consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience before removing your doors and hitting the open road: 

Legal Requirements: It’s important to check your local laws and regulations about driving doorless. Some states or regions may have specific requirements, such as the need for side mirrors or restrictions on where you can drive doorless.

Storage: When doorless, you'll lose the convenience of built-in storage in your doors. Investing in storage solutions such as cargo nets, storage boxes, or seat-back bags will keep your belongings secure while driving. The last thing you want is something flying out of the Jeep while driving! 

Security: An open Jeep is more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Consider installing a locking center console or trunk enclosure to secure valuables when you're away from your vehicle.

Wind Protection: Driving at high speeds without doors can create strong wind currents inside the cabin. A variety of wind deflectors are available on the market to reduce noise and currents. In addition, sunglasses or protective eyewear can be helpful in shielding your eyes from any debris that might make its way through the open doors. 

Accessories for Driving Your Jeep without Doors 

After-Market Mirrors: Finding a quality set of mirrors to use when driving doorless will drastically improve your experience. These Coyote Mirrors from Lange Originals are designed for 2018 - current Jeep JL & JTs. They feature a mounting block and stem precision milled out of solid billet aluminum and hard anodized, in order to stand up to anything you put it through. It mounts conveniently to existing bolt holes on your Jeep. 

jeep without doors

Credit: Lange Originals 

Jeep Grab Handles: If you’re an off-roading enthusiast or like some extra support when entering or exiting the Jeep, grab handles could be a worthwhile investment. Grab handles come in a variety of styles and colors and allow you to brace against the vehicle’s movement when driving without doors. Quadratec offers an assortment of grab handles to fit anyone’s preferences. 

jeep without doors

Credit: Quadratec

Adaptable Doors: The option to have protection in a pinch creates peace of mind when driving doorless. The Wild Door was designed to make driving without doors easier to enjoy. You can take off on an adventure with just the frame in place and the center console stowed away in the trunk and enjoy a totally doorless ride. In a pinch, the center console can be popped in place and deployed to protect the driver and passengers from the elements - think a sudden rainstorm, intense winds, or muddy conditions that you weren’t expecting. Learn more about the Wild Door here.


jeep without doors
jeep without doors

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