Get to Know Our Family: Jeep Edition 

February 27, 2024

Get to Know Our Family: Jeep Edition 

All of the Jeepers we know have one thing in common: they have strong Jeep-related preferences! No matter how you Jeep, the thing that ties our community together is our love for Jeeps themselves. 

We thought it would be fun for you to get to know our family (Jeep Edition!) by hearing some of our Jeep preferences. We feel that a Jeeper’s preferences are very telling about who they are, so here goes. If you’d like to answer the following questions yourself, screenshot the graphic at the end, post it to socials with your answers circled, and tag us on Instagram at @lore.products and Facebook at LORE Products! 

Trails or Pavement? 

Some Jeepers prefer the rugged excitement of off-road trails, where they can push their vehicles to the limit and conquer challenging terrain. Others enjoy the convenience and comfort of city streets, using their Jeeps for everyday commuting or urban adventures. Whether it's the thrill of the wilderness or the practicality of pavement, this preference often reflects individual tastes in adventure and lifestyle.

Here’s where our family landed: 

family jeep

Jeep Camping or Jeep Day Trips?

For some, the ultimate Jeep experience involves setting up camp in remote wilderness areas, surrounded by nature and under the stars. Others prefer shorter excursions, using their Jeeps for day trips to explore scenic vistas, hiking trails, or off-road destinations. Whether it's the serenity of a night under canvas or the thrill of exploring new sights by day, both options offer unique opportunities for adventure and connection with the great outdoors.

Here’s what our family preferred: 

family jeep

DIY Modifications or Professional Modifications?
When it comes to customizing their Jeeps, enthusiasts face the choice between hands-on DIY projects or entrusting professionals with the task. DIY modifications allow for personalization and a sense of accomplishment, but may require time, skill, and research. Professional modifications offer expertise and convenience, ensuring quality results but often at a higher cost. Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual preferences, budget, and comfort level with automotive work.

Here’s what we thought: 

family jeep

Lifted or Stock Height?

The debate between lifted and stock height Jeeps reflects differing priorities among enthusiasts. Lifted Jeeps offer increased ground clearance and off-road capability, making them ideal for tackling rough terrain and obstacles. Stock height Jeeps, on the other hand, provide a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency for everyday driving. Whether it's the desire for enhanced performance or practicality in daily use, this preference shapes the overall look and functionality of the vehicle.

Here’s what we leaned towards: 

family jeep

Travel in Packs or Lone Explorer?

Some Jeepers thrive on the camaraderie and safety of traveling in groups, enjoying the social aspect and shared experiences of group outings. Others prefer the freedom and self-reliance of exploring solo, seeking solitude and the opportunity for personal discovery. Whether it's the companionship of fellow enthusiasts or the solitude of solitary exploration, both approaches offer unique advantages and cater to different personalities and preferences.

Here were our reflections: 

family jeep

Daytime Off-Roading or Night Wheeling?

Daytime off-roading appeals to those who prefer clear visibility and the vibrant scenery of sunlit landscapes, allowing for easier navigation and appreciation of surroundings. Night wheeling, on the other hand, offers a unique adrenaline rush and sense of adventure, with challenges amplified by reduced visibility and the thrill of exploring in the dark. Whether it's the allure of daylight exploration or the excitement of nighttime escapades, both options provide thrilling experiences for Jeep enthusiasts with varied preferences.

These were our thoughts: 

family jeep

Want to share your Jeep preferences? Screenshot and share the following graphic on social media. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @lore.products and on Facebook at LORE Products so we can learn more about you! 


family jeep

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