Our Mission: Wild Doors for Jeep Wrangler & Jeep Gladiator 

March 19, 2024

Our Mission: Wild Doors for Jeep Wrangler & Jeep Gladiator 

We are often asked how we came up with the idea for the Wild Door. While our individual stories about who came up with it first may differ, the common thread is the same: the Wild Door was born out of a need we saw in our own lives. It may seem like there are plenty of after-market doors on the market, and that’s true, but there aren’t any doors that did what we wanted them to. 

Doors for Jeep Wrangler

As avid Jeepers and outdoor enthusiasts, we became frustrated with the lack of adaptability in doors for Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators. For such adventure-prone vehicles, we were shocked that we couldn’t find doors that were conducive to adventure. They all had elaborate installation and removal processes, and offered no flexibility while you were out on the road or trail. 

This is where we started dreaming.

What if there was a door so lightweight that one person could install it on their own? What if that same door could be easily configured between fully open and fully closed? What if it had a center console that could be stowed away in the trunk?

And then the biggest question.

What if we built it ourselves?

Doors for Jeep Wrangler

So we took a leap of faith and started LORE Products, a multi-generation, family-owned business. We didn’t set out with the intention of being business owners, but a need for innovation inspired us to take matters into our own hands. As much as we’re creating this door for our family, we’re creating it for you. Jeep owners deserve the best possible doors for their vehicles, ones that allow them to drive with joy and change their doors with ease. There’s a sense of independence and empowerment that comes with being able to do it all on your own; and that’s something we want to create for others. 

Our number one focus throughout the process has been quality. We know that the quality of a product dictates your experience. We refuse to take any shortcuts in our manufacturing process when it comes to quality. Good things take time, and we’re excited for when we can proudly present you with an adaptable door that completely transforms your Jeeping experience. We firmly believe that our Wild Doors for Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators are going to change the game. 

Our mission is simple: to let your adventures run #wilder. We can’t wait to empower adventure seekers with the Wild Door. 

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