The Wild Door: Making Jeep Door Removal Simpler & Easier

May 9, 2024

The Wild Door: Making Jeep Door Removal Simpler & Easier

As warm air and sunshine begins to beckon us outside, it’s time for a Jeep owner’s favorite season: doors-off season! The beloved ritual of removing your doors and taking that first drive with the wind in your hair is unmatched, and the joy of each subsequent ride is never diminished. 

The Difficulties of Jeep Door Removal 

As heavenly as it is, our family has always wished a few things were different about this beloved time of year. Jeep door removal is a tool-heavy, physically demanding task - meaning that one person usually cannot accomplish it on their own. If just one person is home and the perfect weather strikes, they’re left waiting for a helping hand to get home and assist them in removing the doors. 

The other issue we’ve come across with Jeep door removal is that spring and summer comes with unexpected rain showers - sometimes leaving us doorless when we’re out and about, or not able to take the Jeep at all because the doors are already off. 

Our Solution for Jeep Door Removal

Our family was tired of the lack of options for Jeeping doorless - surely there had to be a way to enjoy the open air experience without the stress and inconvenience of typical Jeep door removal. We couldn’t find one, so we created one! The Wild Door offers unparalleled convenience and versatility. 

At the heart of The Wild Door is adaptability - it was designed with the seasons and weather changes in mind. The door frame and center cartridge itself are extremely light, and it slides onto the Jeep door hinges easily, allowing the task to be a one-person job. 

The center cartridge can be conveniently stowed away when not in use, ready to be effortlessly popped onto the door frame whenever needed. Need protection from the elements? Simply deploy the bottom panel and window for instant coverage. Craving that rush of wind and sun? Just as easily, retract the panel and window to enjoy the open air. It’s refreshingly easy, unlocking a slew of possibilities. Watch how easily the doors are configured here>>

Jeep Door Removal

Of course, we know that Jeep owners love customizability, which is why the frame of the Wild Door can be painted, and its build allows for aftermarket foot pegs and mirrors. 

Whether you're tackling trails or cruising along scenic highways, The Wild Door offers uncompromising adaptability and empowers you to #GoWilder. 

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